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Data Processing

Purpose of personal data processing at Hunter Sky

We would collect some or all of the personal data categories below as part of the core recruitment services we provide.

Should you provide more than this, it will be secured and protected in line with our Data Protection Policy, though as a matter of routine we will not analyse CVs and other documentation to find and destroy such data.

?Types of personal data processed, and lawful basis for processing

1. Data we collect at outset

  • Name
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Email address
  • CV, which generally includes current address, post code and employment history

If you sign up directly with Hunter Sky, apply for a job through Hunter Sky, or are referred by an associate, we seek your consent to process the application, as well as to inform you of future roles.

If you are identified through a Job Board or LinkedIn as having skills regularly sought by our clients, we process your data based on our legitimate interests, which in this context will be aligned with yours.

2. Additional data we collect when qualifying you for a role

  • Proof of Right to work
  • Unspent criminal convictions

Both of these are deemed "special categories" of data, and are only processed as required by law, in this case obligations and rights under employment law (if our clients' vetting procedures require this before interview).

  • Outstanding legal actions/CCJs
  • Salary and benefits

This would be based on our legitimate interests, as our clients would normally expect to know salary expectations before interview, while some have vetting procedures which include being informed of outstanding legal actions against you.

3. Data we process to onboard you following a successful interview

  • Identification
  • CV accuracy check
  • Qualifications
  • References
  • Psychometric tests

This collection will be done at your request prior to your contract going live, given your commencement date will be dependent on verifying this data or performing any tests as requested by your prospective employer.

?4. Data we require in order to pay you

  • Bank details
  • Tax reference number
  • NI number
  • iResource account details
  • Next of kin

This will be to ensure you are paid as per your contract

5. Data we retain for a period after you conclude a contract

  • "Special category" data
  • All other records

Based on our legitimate interests, and subject to statutory obligations to retain personal data records, we retain special category records for 6 months after your contract ends, and all other records for 6 years, in line with the retention periods stated in our Privacy Policy. 

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