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Privacy Notice

Who are Hunter Sky?

Hunter Sky Limited is part of a group of companies involved in recruitment, payment and corporate service provision. Our contact details and office locations within the group are available here.

Why do you process personal data?

Commercially, in order to place those available for work with our client base of national and international employers.
We also process personal data as an employer, business partners, and through surveillance of our places of business.
This notice, and its relevance to you, regards our commercial processing of data.

How might you collect personal data for your commercial purposes?

  • Directly from you – we have an active website where you can use our contact form in order to request contact regarding our services. If you are placed through Hunter Sky, you would then provide additional personal data prior to commencing your employment contract.
  • From publicly available networking sources – Large industry events and social networking tools such as LinkedIn commonly highlight exceptional professionals who our clients would be interested in. We would lawfully make contact with you in these circumstances.
  • From your own contacts – if any of your contact circle are lawfully approached for a role by Hunter Sky, they may recommend you and pass on contact details.
  • From Job Boards – there are many websites which specialise in aggregating the CV information of those interested in new roles internationally. We use these facilities to identify skilled candidates who are actively seeking roles.

What categories of data do you routinely process?

While we appreciate that every CV will be different, it is likely that all CVs we receive or acquire will contain some or all of:

  • Your basic personal information (name, address, date of birth, education history, personal preferences)
  • Your employment history and referee information
  • Contact information (phone, email and/or applications).
  • If you are successfully placed into a role, we would go on to process:
  • Tax and national insurance information
  • Payment-related information (e.g. bank details)

A more extensive list of data fields we routinely process, including “special category” data (see below) can be viewed here.

Is there personal data I am compelled to provide?

Yes. Many of our clients have either contractual or statutory requirements including criminal records checks, security clearances and CV accuracy tests. If those requests are not satisfied, you will be unable to continue with your application.

What about sensitive data such as criminal records?

There are “special categories” of personal data which need an additional legal basis to process in the context of recruitment. We do not routinely process special categories of data, though may on occasions process data relating to health.

The UK Data Protection Act contains conditions which allow for it, as listed below:

Health-related data

UK DPA Sch.1 s.2 – we would inform a client if a candidate had physical disabilities which would need to be accommodated, in the context of national law relating to equality in the workplace.

We also have an internal Data Protection Policy which details our internal controls designed to offer additional protection to these categories.

Should we inadvertently process any “special category” data (for example, you provide it in the free text of a CV), it will be as secure as all other data stored at Hunter Sky, though we will not screen individual CV submissions to remove it.

On what basis do you do this?

  • Contract – if we have a contract to provide services to you, we must process certain personal data in order to perform it.
  • Consent – if we would like to hold your data and qualify you for future work opportunities, we will ask you for permission to hold it. You can withdraw that consent at any time by unsubscribing to our emails or directly with a consultant if telephoned.
  • Legal requirement – if we are compelled to hold your personal information for legal reasons (for example, the statute of limitations in the UK), we would hold it until that reason is no longer valid.
  • Legitimate Interest – if we lawfully acquire your personal data through a referral, job board or other public networking website, we would contact you if a role which matches your skillset emerges.

What are Hunter Sky’s “legitimate interests”?

Our interests are to place available candidates into permanent roles available with our clients and profit from that activity.
We have assessed whether our interests outweigh your fundamental rights, and we believe that in this context our interests are actually aligned.

Can I withdraw consent?

Yes, at any time. This will constrain future processing, though it will not invalidate processing already performed.
Who will receive my data from you?

  • Customers of Hunter Sky – and only with your consent obtained during each qualification process
  • Hunter Sky group companies – depending on both your and any prospective employer’s location.

Do you transfer personal data internationally?

Yes – while all candidate data under our control is stored in the United Kingdom, we process data (e.g. collect, administer, view, amend, etc.) both in the EEA and non-EEA territories in the Hunter Sky Group, with standard contractual clauses deployed where necessary to ensure your privacy is protected to EU standards.

Is any element of personal data storage outside of your control?

The other parties to whom we would transfer your data either have a legal right to it (e.g. tax authorities) or are clients of Hunter Sky.

All of Hunter Sky’s commercial parties and service providers have contractual commitments to lawfully process personal data transferred to them by us.

How long will you retain personal data for?

Subject to statutory obligations to retain personal data records:

  • No longer than 6 years after being placed by us
  • No longer than 5 years after putting you forward for a role
  • No longer than 6 months after processing “special category” data such as health-related records
  • No longer than 30 days after acquiring your data indirectly without making contact with you
  • We would always dispose of any personal data upon request, subject to any legal grounds for its retention

What rights do I have in respect of the personal data you control?

As a data subject, you have the right to:

  • Access any data we process which relates to you
  • Have that personal data provided in a machine-readable format
  • Have your personal data erased from our records
  • Object to any processing by Hunter Sky
  • Restrict any processing under certain circumstances, such as if you question its accuracy
  • Not be subjected to automated processing

By simply issuing a request to Hunter Sky through a conventional route (post, email, phone), we will process that request. If for any reason we lawfully refuse it, we will inform you of the rationale and your options.

Is any of this processing automated?

Only operationally through the use of computers in running Hunter Sky.

Personal data is never processed within Hunter Sky though algorithms or automated decision making, and all profiling (for example, to produce a shortlist of candidates) is performed manually, using keyword searches.

Who can I complain to if I am unhappy about your personal data processing?

We would always endeavour to satisfy your requests in the first instance, and you can contact our Data Protection Officer with any queries.

You can at any time contact our Lead Supervisory Authority (the UK Information Commissioner’s Office) at this location, or if you prefer, use your national data protection authority to escalate issues regarding our conduct.

Who is your Data Protection Officer?

You can contact our Data Protection Officer on or through our UK Head Office on +44 845 2668755

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