Hunter Sky is a leading executive
search and selection company.

Leadership, in the current climate, is about creating
winning teams in extreme market conditions.


Executive Search: The methodical, analytical and result-oriented approach to finding the ideal candidate to deliver a key senior level function for our clients requires a deep understanding of functions, responsibilities and desired outcomes. The cost of getting this process wrong for an organisation goes far beyond the actual costs incurred in hiring – which is why it is important to engage with professionals. At Hunter Sky, we never underestimate the importance of each hire, and assign a dedicated consultant and research resource to each client.

Talent Pipelining: Timing is critical in concluding a successful hire. Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-evolving business world means building agility and flexibility into all processes. Succession planning, talent mapping and building a talent pipeline for the future ensure that clients can quickly evolve to meet changing demands. Hunter Sky can help clients to achieve this by working together to analyse future needs, and engaging with talented individuals in advance of actual requirements.

Sector/Competitor Mapping: Having timely, appropriate, qualified information about talent availability in a particular sector, competitor or geographical territory is invaluable for planning efficient staffing levels, for ensuring salaries are in line with market expectations, or even for determining how aspirational an employer a client is. Hunter Sky has designed and delivered a mapping methodology which will provide data on pre-agreed criteria which can feed into talent pipelines for the future, or serve as a stand-alone piece of market intelligence.

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